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Kathy Marshack

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October 2003 - Vancouver, WA

Local psychologist, marriage counselor, and author, Dr. Kathy Marshack was recently arrested and booked on assault charges. Dr. Marshack allegedly entered her estranged husband's legal offices, attempted to destroy some of his property, and assaulted a legal assistant who had to be taken to the hospital.

See The Columbian article on this incident "Local psychologist, author pleads not guilty to assault"

This seems to be very odd behavior for anybody -- much less a marriage counselor. I have posted this as a public service to help clients and prospective clients make an informed choice when choosing professional psychological help in the Portland/Vancouver area.


I originally registered this domain a couple of years ago with the intention of posting some information regarding my experiences with Dr. Marshack and for several reasons never got around to posting anything on it until now.. I saw Dr. Marshack in 1997 for marriage counseling in individual and joint (with my now ex-wife) sessions. I found some portions of the sessions to be helpful but we often left feeling with worse feelings than when we went in. I also felt Dr. Marshack brought a strong women-oriented view to the sessions and she seemed very closed-minded to a male point-of-view when trying to work out some issues.

My ex then saw Dr. Marshack again for a few sessions shortly before she filed for our divorce in 1999. There were some substantial issues brought before the court in our first couple of hearings and my ex desperately needed some help to back up her (later proved) unfounded allegations. Somehow she got Dr. Marshack to write an affidavit for her the day before a critical hearing. This affidavit sealed the judge's decision -- resulting in 3 months of seeing my children only once or twice a week in supervised visits and around $40-$50,000 of extra legal expenses before we could get the truth straightened out. Dr. Marshack completely disregarded my doctor-patient confidentiality in divulging any information from my sessions to the court. She also broke several other ethics rules and laws. Plus, her affidavit was simply wrong and mean-spirited. She caused me a lot of pain and agony that you can't put a price on. As you can see, I still have some very strong feelings. I believe that this type of stuff eventually catches up with you and sincerely hope that Dr. Marshack is now reaping the full benefit of all the crap in her past.


John Wiley